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Plans Built For Every Team

Developer-first pricing

Free Forever
The most powerful free tier in blockchain
Free access to:
  • Supernode, Build, Monitor, and Notify
  • 10,000,000 compute units / month
  • Auto-scaling + Unlimited Capacity
  • Full Archive Data
  • 5 Apps
  • Most Popular
    Ultimate scalabililty and enhanced methods
    Everything in Free, plus:
  • Parity Trace and Geth Debug
  • Enhanced APIs
  • 2x Higher Rate Limits
  • 15 Apps
  • Enterprise
    Volume pricing, enterprise support & SLAs
    Everything in Growth, plus:
  • Committed Use Discounts
  • Custom 24/7 Support
  • Custom SLAs
  • Unlimited Apps
  • Custom Rate Limits
    • Kyber
    • Opensea
    • 0x
    • Mew
    • ShapeShift
    • Opera
    • DyDx
    Full Archive Data
    Enhanced APIs
    Parity Trace and Geth Debug-
    Custom SLAs--
    Apps Included515UnlimitedCompute Units Included Per Month
    10,000,00010,000,000CustomElastic Capacity (Price / Compute Unit)$0.000004$0.000004CustomBase Rate Limits (Compute Units / Second)330660CustomGet startedGet startedContact us

    Never worry about your infrastructure again

    Teams use Alchemy so they can focus 100% on building successful blockchain companies


    Fewer end user complaints

    200+ hours

    Engineering time Saved / year

    30% faster

    Product releases
    "Alchemy is an absolute gamechanger. It powers all of our blockchain infrastructure and has greatly accelerated our business."
    Eric Lin

    Head of Engineering, Dapper Labs

    How do I start?
    You're only 5-minutes away from using the platform! Alchemy is open and self-serve, so all you need to do is choose your tier, sign-up, then start using the developer platform! To make getting started as easy as possible, we support a free tier and have a simple, step-by-step Getting Started Guide on our docs.
    What is an app?
    An app is your gateway to the blockchain! More specifically, it is a set of API keys and dashboards that keep all of your products and projects organized within Alchemy's suite of developer tools. Think 'Kyberswap Frontend' or '0x API Backend'.
    What is a compute unit (CU)?
    A compute unit is a measure of how many resources (CPU, RAM, disk, etc) an API method consumes on Alchemy. A simple request like blockNumber only consumes 10 CUs, while a more complex request like eth_call consumes 26 CUs. You can see a full breakdown of CUs / method on our docs.
    Why compute units? Why not per-request pricing?
    We're obsessed with providing the most developer-friendly experience across our platform, and this doesn't stop at pricing. Pricing on compute units allows us to provide developers with the most fair and transparent pricing possible. No more over-paying for simple requests - you only pay for what you use, period.
    What blockchains and networks does Alchemy support?
    Alchemy currently supports all public Ethereum networks (Mainnet, Rinkeby, Ropsten, Kovan, and Görli) with free, self-serve options. We also support other networks like Bitcoin, IPFS and private networks - contact us to learn more!
    Which tier is right for me?
    Our free tier is the most powerful in the industry, with access to 10M compute units, full archive data, Smart Websockets, and the full Alchemy Suite, so it's a great place to start for any beginner. For teams with a need for more capacity, higher rate-limits, or access to more powerful features like Parity Tracing, the Growth Tier is the perfect option. Finally, for large production teams who need custom SLAs, 24/7 support, and other premium features, contact us to learn more about our enterprise tier.,
    Alchemy Enterprise

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    We've built the most powerful developer platform in blockchain and we're excited to show it off! Let us know if you would like to see a demo, and our team is ready to help!
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