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Leading Ethereum Project


Leading Ethereum Project


Top Ethereum Dapp


Popular Collectible Marketplace

Kyber Network

Leading Ethereum Project


Popular Ethereum Dapp

Binance Wallet

Top Exchange


Leading Decentralized Exchange

Gods Unchained

Top Ethereum Game

Leading developer platform

Building and running production
blockchain applications is hard.
Alchemy makes it easy.


Industry-Leading Blockchain API

Fast and orders of magnitude more reliable and scalable than alternatives. No setup required.


Intuitive Developer Tools

Accelerate your development with tools designed to help you build and ship faster.


Powerful Analytics and Monitoring

Build great products by deeply understanding your users.


Instantly accelerate your development with the fastest, most reliable blockchain infrastructure

Ultra Reliable

Rely on infrastructure battle-tested across hundreds of live production blockchain applications.

Massively Scalable

Grow your user base on the same scalable technologies behind Facebook and Google.

Blazing Fast

Deliver smoother user experiences on the fastest platform as benchmarked by top companies.

Plug and Play

Integrate with the web API in 3 minutes, without changing any code.


Trusted by industry leaders

Alchemy is an absolute gamechanger. It powers all of our blockchain infrastructure and has greatly accelerated our business.”

Eric Lin

Head of engineering, cryptokitties

"Using your own node or an error-prone service means wasting hundreds of valuable engineering hours on problems that have nothing to do with your company. Nothing else compares to Alchemy's amazing level of reliability, speed, support."

Alex Atallah


"Alchemy has let us stop struggling with nodes and instead focus our efforts on building Augur. It's changed the trajectory of our organization."

Alex Chapman

CTO, augur

"We've extensively tested every node solution and Alchemy is far and away the best. The Alchemy engineering team has woken up at 4am to help our developers build and ship product faster - best customer service we've ever had."

Victor Tran



Powering every industry in blockchain

Effortlessly scale your userbase

Handle massive user growth without an extra minute spent on scaling. We've got you covered.

Stay safe with the most trusted platform

Alchemy has industry-leading enterprise grade
reliability, security, and scale

Develop your game twice as fast

Alchemy saves developer time and allows teams to
typically finish their games in half the time

Greatly decrease friction for users

DeFi teams report a 10x speed increase and 80%
fewer user problems with Alchemy

Ship smoother user experiences

Dapp teams see 10x speedup and 80% fewer frontend user issues with Alchemy

Test, debug, and ship faster

Our tools and infrastructure help teams move faster in every stage of development

Built by developers, for developers

Get supercharged infrastructure on these networks

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Trusted by Top Blockchain Companies

  • 0x
  • Augur
  • Cryptokitties
  • Kyber
  • Opensea
  • Ethnex
  • Trust
  • Unchained
  • Funfair
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