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Alchemy Supernode - Ethereum Node API

The industry leading Ethereum API

Alchemy Supernode is the most widely used Ethereum API with supercharged reliability, data correctness, and scalability. Get started free today!
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  • Kyber
  • Opensea
  • 0x
  • Mew
  • ShapeShift
  • Opera
  • DyDx
The industry leading Ethereum API

Innovative architecture for web 3.0

Alchemy Supernode scales every piece of node functionality with dedicated distributed systems, and maintains real-time data correctness with a proprietary coordinator service.
"It's critical that teams like Dharma have reliable tooling for reading on-chain activity - including tracking critical transactions. We use Alchemy Supernode to subscribe to updates for transactions that we've submitted through Alchemy, and then to consolidate that with internal data. This has helped us improve our reliability and UX."
Graeme Boy

Director OF Engineering, Dharma

Data correctness

Web 2.0 infrastructure uses multiple servers managed by a load balancer. This fails with blockchain because each node has different blocks, transactions and logs. This inevitably causes errors that crash apps and ruin user experience. Alchemy Supernode ensures data is always correct, real-time and in sync thanks to a proprietary coordinator service.
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Peak reliability

Apps that run directly on nodes suffer high latency and downtime because nodes are general-purpose and not designed to be highly available. Alchemy Supernode powers each piece of node functionality with a dedicated, distributed system -- the same systems used by Facebook and Amazon for achieving massive scale.
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Infinite scalability

Don't worry about maintaining your own infrastructure. The challenges are so complex at scale, and spinning up more nodes just increases data errors, leading to crashes that cost you sleep and users. Alchemy Supernode scales quickly and seamlessly so you can spend more time shipping products and delighting users.
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"Alchemy Supernode is our team's secret weapon. I used to worry about blockchain infrastructure daily, but Supernode works so well I haven't had to think about node infrastructure for over a year!"
Asaf Shachaf

Head of Product, Bancor

Enhanced APIs

Alchemy Supernode includes enhanced API methods that return block and transaction requests, smart contract event logs, and pending transactions in a virtual mempool. Plus, upgraded WebSockets continuously listen for changes and automatically handle reconnection and backfilling missed events.
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Instant on

Maintaining your own infrastructure is expensive and unnecessary, and crash-happy third parties cost you both sleep and users. Instead, switch to the industry leading Ethereum API with a single line of code. Your app could be running on Alchemy Supernode in 5 minutes or less.
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Save money. Ship faster.

$35 million

Worth of engineering
hours saved (2,025 days)

30% faster

Release cycles driving
289% usage growth
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Alchemy Supernode - Ethereum Node API

Scale to any size,
without any errors

Alchemy Supernode finally makes it possible to scale blockchain applications without all the headaches. Plus, our legendary support will guide you every step of the way.
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