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Alchemy Notify

Notify users in real time

Alchemy Notify allows developers to send real-time push notifications to users for critical events. Get started free today!
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  • Kyber
  • Opensea
  • 0x
  • Mew
  • ShapeShift
  • Opera
  • DyDx

Notifications drive engagement

Alchemy is the only blockchain development platform that supports notifications at every important point in your user journey.
Increase in user retention.
Increase in user engagement.
Increase in customer LTV.
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Mined Transactions

Let your users know exactly when their deposits, purchases, in-game actions or other on-chain activity has officially occurred — the perfect time to re-engage and keep using your application.
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Dropped Transactions

Let your users respond immediately when transactions fail, eliminating the most frustrating part of blockchain UX. No more missed trades, lost auctions, or disappearing tokens.
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dApp and Smart Contract Events

Let your users know about earned interest, burned tokens, successful transfers, or other critical contract events that make your application rich and exciting.
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"Alchemy Notify is a game changer for us and a game changer for any developer building a dApp. Building and maintaining this on your own is extremely hard, and Notify completely removes the painpoint."
Yash Nelapati

CEO of Makersplace

The Power of Push

Without Notify

“...Is this thing even working?! 😠”
“Maybe I should come back some other time? 👎”
“This is taking forever 😕”

With Notify

“Nice! That was fast! 🚀 ”
“Money in the bank 💰 Time for my next trade!”
“This blockchain thing is a piece of 🍰”

Easy Integration

Engage your users in less than 15 minutes.  Create a new hook in 1-click, then configure and start notifying.

Powerful Webhooks

Get access to all of the events your users care about, like mined and dropped transactions, plus powerful webhooks to instantly notify them

Unreal Results

Drive up to 10x greater usage of your app by engaging your users and creating dramatically better UX.
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Alchemy Notify

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Alchemy Notify gives your users the UX they demand and deserve, with no custom code.
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