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Alchemy is proud to sponsor MoneyHacks 2020, and offer free early access to the full Alchemy platform to all hackers.
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  • Kyber
  • Opensea
  • 0x
  • Mew
  • ShapeShift
  • Opera
  • DyDx
The Most Powerful Blockchain Development Platform

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Use the same platform powering the top teams in blockchain to build your hackathon projects.


The highest performance Ethereum API with support for the full JSON RPC, and enhanced methods.
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Powerful debugging and developer tools with no extra code changes or configuration.
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"Alchemy Monitor allows us to analyze our API calls using a multitude of filters. This gives us better insight into how to optimize our requests, as well as a much faster way of debugging any problems in our own systems."
Brendan Chou

Smart Contract Engineer, dYdX


Description: Usage analytics, performance optimization, and alerts to know everything about your app.
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Send notifications on blockchain events to users in real time, with less than 15 minutes of integration.
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"As we roll out Microtick, a new product on our own blockchain, it's crucial that our attention is focused on the right areas. Alchemy Build helps us maintain that focus, thanks to extensive tooling that takes the hassle and guesswork out of crafting web3 infrastructure."
Kent Barton

Head of Development, ShapeShift

Save money. Ship faster.

$35 million

Worth of engineering
hours saved (2,025 days)

30% faster

Release cycles driving
289% usage growth
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The Alchemy Team is hosting a special channel for MoneyHacks, and will be around during the weekend to answer questions and help out hackers!
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