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Alchemy Enterprise Services
A powerful suite of tools to help you build sophisticated applications with increased security, reliability, and simplicity

Blockchain Infrastructure

Build on the most reliable, scalable and secure infrastructure across all of the public and private blockchains your organization needs
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Advisory Services

Benefit from decades of total blockchain experience with expert use case and full stack consulting services
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Compliance & Reporting

Simplify regulatory compliance with automated reporting and easy access to all the relevant data
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Enterprise Support & SLAs

Take advantage of the most expert engineering team in the industry, with 24/7, direct access to senior engineers and product leaders
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Developer Platform

Empower developers to build up to 40% faster with incredibly powerful developer tools and enhanced APIs
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Insights Platform

Surface the usage and analytics data your product and business leaders need to make critical, strategic decisions
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Customizable Deployments

On-prem and hosted options

Deploy Alchemy in exactly the best way for your organization, whether you’re optimizing for security, ease of use, or both

Public and private chains

Take advantage of Alchemy’s best-in-class platform whether you're building on Ethereum, Hyperledger, or anything in between
The leader in blockchain infrastructure

Alchemy at a glance

$30+ Billion

in transactions per year

70% of top

Ethereum companies

4MM+ users

Per week in 197 countries

Investors include top founders, execs, and institutions in the technology industry
Industry Verticals
Alchemy helps teams deliver on the promise of blockchain, across all major use cases

Financial Services

Secure digital assets, reduce compliance burden, and power your use cases in custody, tokenization and more
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Build new user experiences, and drive higher real world value for in-game assets
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Supply Chain

Improve efficiency, increase transparency, and reduce fraud across massive supplier networks
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Retail and E-Commerce

Combat counterfeiting and decrease transactions costs
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Real Estate

Dramatically decrease transactions costs, and open up new markets
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Leverage the efficiency and transparency of the blockchain to improve oil, gas and sustainable energy operations
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The biggest challenge for enterprise adoption is that existing infrastructure is error-prone and unreliable, leading to costly development and poor user experiences.

Paul Veradattakit, Pantera
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Powering the most successful companies across nearly every blockchain vertical
#1 crypto wallet
#1 on-chain exchange
#1 crypto fund
#1 crypto marketplace
#1 payments app
#1 Blockchain games
#1 liquidity protocol
#1 lending platform
#1 Gaming platform

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