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Cheeze Wizards API powered by Alchemy

Allowing thousands of developers to easily build their own games and apps on top of Cheeze Wizards' open ecosystem.

APIs as accessible as Mozzarella
Cheeze Wizards is a game designed from the ground up for the community to build on, and the best builders deserve the best tools. Alchemy's APIs allow CW developers to interact with simple, intuitive endpoints and access information about duels and more.
Developer tools as powerful as aged Cheddar
We know the Cheeze Wizards community will build apps we can't even imagine, so we made the developer APIs as powerful as possible. Slice and dice all that cheeze in any way you want; even data that would take ages to compute is easily accessible via Alchemy.
Applications as smooth as Brie
We leveraged our experience building robust infrastrusture that powers hundreds of the biggest blockchain projects to bring you the official Cheeze Wizards API. Get the information you need to power your applications quickly, consistently, and reliably.
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